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You don't need to be a "hippy" to want to hire or enjoy these vans.  Our customers often pick up their kombi a little stiff in the shoulders and come back with a spring in their step and a grin on their face.  They experienced the kombi and sometimes words can't describe how it feels but it's special. Leave the city, get picked up at the airport and escape the trivial worries in your life and drive away from rural Victoria in your bubble of joy.  Hire A Kombi encourage day trips, weekend getaways,  weeks away and wedding days in their kombi's. Unless you have travelled the Great Ocean Road in a Kombi, it is hard to imagine the absolute beauty that surrounds you when you experience a drive from one of our classic vans. Everything slows down. You will no longer be in a rush to get anywhere (unless you need a toilet) and you will stop at places that tickle your fancy with a smile and a sense of freedom. With Australia being one of the most beautiful countries in the world you could have a road trip in a kombi that you will never forget. Maybe you are here for a surf.  Strap your board on our secured board rack (though tell us in advance) and hit those waves.  You don't need us to tell you how much fun you'll have with a Kombi. All you need to know is that our vans are playful and easy to drive. We have noticed that children in particular are fans of Kombi's so we have catered for the family day trippers of up to 6 children as well.  Go on, step back in time and give the children an experience only a Kombi can deliver. Happy Hiring and thanks in advance. Get to know more about what you can hire... Click here to hire our kombi Layla, Gracie, Bella & Mango. Hire a Kombi Melbourne | See our Kombi's in this video below!