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The Beginning Of The Kombi Diaries!

It has been probably well over a week since our very beautiful web designer added the 'Kombi Diaries' blog tab to our home page and while I promised her I'd start writing about Hire A Kombi asap, I've just been stressing every night because I hadn't even got into the dashboard! So I apologise to her and I apologise to you the readers who have been staring at the 'Tab' waiting for it to light up...ha How does one run a business, entertain a child, get a decent meal on the table and look half human everyday?  I'm still learning how to juggle it all so I do ask for patience. If you have sent an enquiry, left a comment on our website and received a slow or vague response, don't give up!  I am here I am just maybe attending to an emergency of a starving 11 month old or she is tired of playing with sticks or wants to sleep but can't possibly do it without holding my hand to lessen the pain of teething.   These small issues take up so much time some days and ones I can't push to the back of the desk until tomorrow. Then I have our other children to ensure are happy.  You may have met Layla, Bella, Mango or Gracie.  These kombi's joined our team in the last year and have seen some huge changes even in the short period we've been operating. I look forward to the future with these colourful characters and the more that will join throughout the months. I hope you enjoy our blog at Hire A Kombi and if there is something in particular you would like to read about then send us an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required and we look forward to your feedback. Bye for now, Alyce xhire-a-kombi-victoria-camping-holidays

A beautiful sunset captured through the window of Hire A Kombi's Kombi