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We recently caught up with Jarrod from JRad Fabrications to chat about how his kombi roof rack creations came about and what keeps his spark going.
IN February 2017, Jarrod Lambourn went searching for a rack for his kombi but couldn’t find anything he liked.
A fabricator by trade he had always enjoyed tinkering in the shed, so he decided to put his great skills to use and create one himself.
It was when he went to Wilson’s Prom that he had a fellow kombi owner ask about his brilliant roof rack and where he got it.
When Jarrod told him he had made it, he was pretty keen to have Jarrod build one for him immediately and turns out he was the first of many customers.
Jarrod said he never intended to sell them but when he posted a photo on a Facebook page and received an overwhelming response he knew he was onto a product in need and it’s just grown organically from there.
Jarrod has continued building racks because he said the kombi community seem to like them and he enjoys building them.   (makes sense to us)
The thing that drives him, is being creative and therefore improving the process of how his racks are built, so that each one is better then the last.
“Seeing the transformation to a kombi once a roof rack is fitted and also seeing kombis at a show or driving by with one of my racks up top puts a pretty big smile on my face”.
When we asked Jarrod what his most and least favourite part of making kombi roof racks was he replied “It’s actually the same answer for both.”
Working from home.  (agh yeah we hear ya buddy)
Jarrod and his beautiful fiance Nadine have a 4 month old son Banjo, so he loves the fact that he is spending a lot of time with him with also having the flexibility to start and finish when he likes. He also added in if the surfs pumping you won’t find him in the shed.  (smart man)
“But on the other hand working from home I can get easily distracted, which means I don’t get as much done in a day as I should and I’m normally rushing to get things done on time” he said.  (distractions like surfing?) haha
If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on JRad Fabrications Kombi roof racks you can look him up on his social media pages or find him at a Volkswagen show in Victoria.
His goal…. to eventually stock them throughout Australia.
Jarrod has seen a wide range of kombis pull up his driveway to collect their new roof rack and he caters for them all.
Freshly restored, to all original, super shiny to crusty and rusty or campers and customs.
In his eyes no two kombis are the same.
“I hope to continue to build racks into the future and extend my range of racks and accessories to other Volkswagen model’s.”
Jarrod recently took our beetle Greta to shape up his first beetle rack and we are stoked with her new look so for all you beetle owners you can call on him for your little ones to.
Having them accessible to anyone in Australia or even overseas is tricky, he said because of their size.
It costs about the same to freight a big rack as it does to buy one.
To over come this Jarrod hopes to find some Volkswagen suppliers all around the country to stock Jrad Fabrications racks, or even look in to making flat packs that are cheaper to freight.
“I’m not looking to get rich or turn it into a multi million dollar business, I just want to continue to do what I love and of course go surfing when the surf is good.”
We asked Jarrod how his racks differ to what else is on the market and this is what he had to say.
They’re Australian made and built to last. (perfect)
A lot of other racks on the market are imported from overseas.
“The style of my racks is quite different also.  I liked some things about the racks on the market but not others, so when building mine I took the classic look from a custom rack but without all the shiny chrome and added a more industrial style to it.”
He didn’t like how high most others sat above the roof so when building racks he aims to keep them low profile and follow the contours of the vehicle as much as possible, whilst also keeping them practical to use.
“It is a roof rack after all.”
We couldn’t agree more mate and we are stoked with Greta’s new rack.

Our business is also from home with our children, doing what we love which is why Jarrod’s story is also one we wanted to share.

Hope you enjoyed the read and you can find JRad Fabrications on Instagram: @jradfab or Facebook: JRad Fabrications
Peace out x

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