FERRY To The City!!!!!!


WHEN we heard a ferry was going to operate from Melbourne City to Portarlington, a sweet sea side town not far from our Hire A Kombi home, we did a little dance of joy!  But at the same time we thought oh yeah it’s probably years away.  Um no it’s not years away, it’s right here, right now and it’s BRILLIANT!

The Port Phillip Ferry is a foot passenger cruiser that runs morning and evening from Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula takes in a breathtaking sunrise/sunset and delivers you to Docklands.  For those of you wonderful customers who live in the city this is an amazing alternative to the train to get to us.  It’s about a 75minute cruise across the bay and Portarlington is a short 15 – 20minute drive which we will put our hands up to collect you from if we are able or you can catch an uber or taxi.  For those of you lovely customers who have booked a kombi and are staying in the city before or after your trip this is also a great mode of transport to get you to the city while taking in more sights and experiences.  We have had a few already trial it and they said it was fantastic!

On Friday June 29 the first Melbourne night ferry is operating!  Catch the Port Phillip Ferry from Geelong pier and also catch the sunset over to Docklands to enjoy the Firelight Festival or watch the Cats play at Etihad Stadium.  It will then bring you back at 11.30pm after you have enjoyed a night of fire, food trucks and fire works for a Winter Solstice vibe.

We love where we live and run Hire A Kombi and we believe this is such a fantastic alternative mode of transport to the city and to make it even more exciting is they’re also trialling a ferry from Geelong!  On the last two Tuesdays in July a commuter service will be run to and from Melbourne!  It will be free for the trialling period so book now!

We encourage you to support permanent ferry services in and out of Geelong as it will create opportunities for tourism, business and commuting!  We are extremely lucky to live where we do as we have the ocean and country at our doorstep and this ferry is connecting us to the city life we like to dip our toes into every now and then so high five Port Phillip Ferries!  We look forward to warming up by some fire at Docklands next week with you!

Peace out x


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